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Born and raised in the Coachella  Valley

Manny was born and raised in the Coachella Valley.


Both of his parents were immigrant farmworkers who taught him the value of hard work, and impressed upon him the importance of getting an education.

Manny took these lessons to heart and graduated from the University of California, Riverside, and he earned a Master's of Education, Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University.

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From school teacher to the school board

When Manny returned to the Coachella Valley, he focused on educating our children before serving on the school board.


As a public middle school teacher, Manny was committed to teaching students the value of hardwork, and mentored students to have compassion for people and communities. 


After several years of teaching, Manny wanted to make a larger impact on the lives of students, so he ran to serve on the Coachella Valley Unified School District Board - and won! 


In 2004, Manny was elected to the Board of Trustees where he led the effort to pass a $250 million general obligation bond to finance the acquisition and construction of numerous schools in District.


To this day, Manny has stayed in contact with many of the students he taught and mentored. 


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Our champion in Sacramento

Motivated by his accomplishments on the school board, and fueled by his compassion to have a larger impact on the residents and communities of our region, Manny set his sights on Sacramento. 


In 2008, Manny was elected to the California State Assembly to represent residents of Riverside County and Imperial County.


While there, he was appointed to serve as the Assistant Majority Floor Leader, and served as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy.


A champion for eastern Riverside County, Manny’s more than 60 pieces of legislation were signed into law to help create jobs, jumpstart the local renewable energy industry and make neighborhoods safer.


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Leadership above politics; service to others above self

Riverside County deserves a Supervisor who will lead the fight to tackle inequity, and who will work to improve the quality of life for all residents. 


Manny's lifelong roots in Coachella Valley shaped his values and fueled his passion for public service. Whether serving on a school board, as our state representative, or as councilman in his hometown of Coachella, Manny's work-ethic and leadership are undeniable. 


As our current Supervisor, Manny is working with state, local and regional leaders to build consensus on the best ways to diversify our economy, increase access to health care, and improve public safety.  


Out of all of Manny's accomplishments, he and his wife of twenty years, Gladis, are most proud of the children they have raised. Both Manny and Gladis have passed on the core values of hard work and the importance of getting an education to their two boys - Ruben and Alex who currently attend public universities in California.


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